Make that special someone feel special this Christmas

Christmas is a difficult time for the more self-obsessed and selfish among us. It’s a busy time, and there are things to do. Family to avoid. Friends to alienate.

But as the holiday season approaches, it’s important to recognise and acknowledge those special people in our lives. It can be hard to know what to say though, and the right words can often escape us.

Follow my guide below to treat the only person that really matters to you this Christmas.

Make every word count

Words can hurt, and words can mend. Make use of the little time that we have on this planet by saying the right thing to that special someone. Stand in front of a mirror and say any one of the following:

  • It really is an incredible privilege to know me.
  • I just want to thank me so, so much.
  • I just want you to know that I am very important to me.
  • In case I don’t get the chance, make sure you tell me that I love me.
  • I love me a little more each day.
  • It’s hard to put into words just how much I mean to me.
  • I would do anything at all for me.
  • I won’t ever forget how important I am to me.
An inspiration to us all

Make the most of your time together

Actions speak louder than words, so make the very most of your time together by treating that special someone this Christmas. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Invite your closest family and friends around for Christmas morning, gather everybody around and sit on the couch eating a bag of chips to yourself while watching reruns of The X Files.
  • Organise and invite your wider friendship group to a pub crawl to celebrate the holiday season. On the big day, draw the curtains and sit in your underwear playing Fallout 4.
  • Make little chocolate treats to wrap up as a gift, and ask your significant other around for the evening. Bring out the gift, open and consume.
  • Invite your partner out shopping and stop by a photo booth. Ask them to wait outside while you capture magical memories inside.
  • Drive your partner to a romantic sunset boat cruise. Upon arrival, ask your partner to circle the block for a few hours while you enjoy yourself.
  • Cook a fabulous roast meal on Christmas Eve, followed by sparkling champagne with two glasses. Enjoy the entire roast and bottle of champagne while your significant other washes the dishes.
  • Book a couples relaxation retreat. Call your spouse while they’re at work letting them know how relaxing it is. Enjoy the solitude and extra space.


It’s hard to really express how you feel at times, but with the right advice it should be easy to let that special someone know that they’re important this holiday season.

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