Here’s Tom with the weathertorial

I’m warning you now, the wank factor is about to go up to 11.  Just saying.  Have you ever looked at the newspaper and thought “Oh look, some thoughtless and deranged individual has vomited on my paper. Wait, no, they’re editorialising actual proper news on the front page again.” No? Just me? Look at this bullshit. This is from just a few days ago. It … Continue reading Here’s Tom with the weathertorial

Goodes grief

Ever think to yourself, ‘This stack of Adam Goodes commentary needs more of my stupid opinions”? I did! Allow me to present it now. Perhaps you could boo it. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, Australian Rules footballer Adam Goodes has recently found himself to be in the unique position as being the league’s most divisive player. This man … Continue reading Goodes grief